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Our department was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2001 to offer 5-year Programs in the daytime regular classes. Our courses meet the needs for advanced technology in our country, as well as to develop scientific workers, for international technological production. Our department has established a complete training course of information technology in which graduates always get good accomplishment in advanced study and career.


Educational Objectives

Our ultimate goal is to develop students to become specialists in the field of information technology. We educate students to be experts with professional computer skills and management. More specifically, we aim to improve students’ computer skills so that they can apply these technology to the fields of health care and nursing. We also aim to become one of the best department in the 5-year education programs in our country.


The effectiveness of teaching

1.The pass rate of 2nd level technical certification is almost 100%

Currently, there are 82 out of 83 fifth grade students have passed 2nd level technical certification of the Ministry of Labor. The pass rate is 98.8%, almost 100%. In addition, more over 22 students obtain at least 10 professional certificates at domestic and abroad.

2.Over 80% graduates study in national technical universities.

In 2014, over 80% graduates got admission to study in national technical universities. The effectiveness of our teaching is better than that of other colleges.